Friday, November 12, 2010

I come across a lot of typefaces (fonts) that I really like (or hate). Here I'll actually share ones I come across that I really like. Every font has a purpose, finding the best application for a font is simply beautiful. They have characteristics that fit certain messages and should be used for that. Fonts used incorrectly are a disaster for sensitive eyes and most likely won't get a message across effectively. When I find a font I like, I'm tempted to use it everywhere and anywhere, but it simply doesn't fit in every application (although I do secretly yearn for a use for it). Anyway, here's a font I came across, it read to me 'personable and friendly' because of it's handwritten nature and rounded letters. It's called Halo Handletter by Mario Arturo, you can download it free here. Hope you like it!

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