Saturday, January 29, 2011

Muslim orphans in America NEED YOUR HELP

Saturday, January 15, 2011

half way through the month

So we're half way through the month........lots to think about. Really need to start implementing my 2011 plan 'sigh'. I think time management and networking are my main inhibitors right now and before this month is up I really need to see more improvements to my 2010 strategy. Get to work, Hana!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

10 things I love about graphic designing/illustrating

Just some thoughts, in no particular order. Enjoy!

1. CREATIVITY I get to release some of my creativity. Seriously, when us artists don't express our creativity on the regular, we go a bit insaner than we already are.

2. CONTROL Design allows me to have just a tad bit of control in a out of control world, I decide color, lines, fonts, it just feeeeels goood!

3. BEAUTY Many of us are visual creatures, looking at beautiful things, especially things that we create, are simply awesome to behold.

4. PROBLEM-SOLVING How so? Exploring and solving solutions to design problems are a thrill in itself! I personally love a challenge, when I can explore and solve design solutions, it satisfies a part of me that craves puzzles and problem-solving.

5. HELPING Being able to solve peoples' and businesses' graphic design problems are priceless. Giving businesses a face and something great to represent and communicate their business or purpose is a thrill and honor that I absolutely can't resist.

6. FLEXIBILITY I'm at a point in my life where flexibility is very important. Doing what I do offers me flexibility to work the hours and locations that suit me and my clients' needs.

7. PERSONALIZATION The services designers and artists offer are individual and cannot be manufactured. A good designer will put heart and though into the work and that adds a nice little personalization to the work and service and it's great when we're appreciated for that.

8. LEARNING There's never nothing left to learn, it's exciting to know that there's so much ahead and to look at how much I've learned.

9. VARIETY The areas of design and illustration are so vast and it's really nice exploring and learning the different areas. I'm still deciding on my specific areas and it feels kinda special to know that there's one or several for me.

10. TYPOGRAPHY Typography's easily an addiction, I love exploring type, manipulating it, kerning, finding homes for typefaces (fonts) in my work and looking at it being used in all kinds of creative ways.